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Pobl Trust Move-On Grant

Please read the below information and guidance carefully to ensure you / your client is eligible for a Pobl Trust Move-On Grant.





  • Information and Guidelines

    A Pobl Trust Move-On Grant provides up to £250 to Pobl Customers who are moving from Pobl Supported Accommodation Services into their own accommodation. It is designed to provide support in the form of vouchers to purchase essential items to furnish and equip a new home. The Pobl Trust will consider funding items that may not be considered essential under DAF eligibility criteria if the case can be made that this item will have a positive impact on the individual applying. 

    A Pobl Trust Move-On Grant is aimed at Pobl Customers who have been unable to source, or have been turned down for, financial support or the provision of essential items through all other relevant schemes, trusts and public funds. This includes support mechanisms provided by Pobl, and via public channels including (but not limited to): 

    National Schemes such as the Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF). Run by the Welsh Government, this fund helps pay for essential costs, such as food, gas, electricity, clothing or emergency travel if you are experiencing extreme financial hardship, have lost your job or have applied for benefits and are waiting for your first payment. It also provides grants to help you or someone you care for live independently in their home or a property that you or they are moving into. Full details and application process here: Discretionary Assistance Fund

    Further information on possible sources of Government support can be found here:
    Benefits and financial support for those on a low income
    Jobcentre Plus: New benefit claims

    Local council support schemes:Each local authority is responsible for providing help to its residents struggling with an emergency, such as you or your families’ health being at risk, not being able to afford to buy food, needing help to stay in your own home and coming out of care, hospital or prison.

    Charitable organisations, Trusts and Foundations such as The Buttle Trust. Designed to support children and young people who have experienced a crisis that has recently had a significant and enduring impact on their wellbeing and educational engagement. Home – Buttle UK

    You can search for Charities that may offer support based on your individual requirements via these websites:

    There are also a number of broadband and phone providers that offer “social tariffs” for cheaper, long-term contracts or provide free data:
    Money Saving Expert
    National Databank – Good Things Foundation 

    Please make sure that you have exhausted all other options before applying for a Pobl Trust Move-On Grant and keep information of where you have applied, when and what the outcome was, as you will be asked to evidence this in the application process. You will also need to provide a statement from your Support Worker to support this. We will accept applications directly from your Support Worker on your behalf if you would prefer them to complete the form for you. 

  • Criteria for application

    Before moving on to the application process for a Pobl Trust Move-On Pack, please ensure you meet the full criteria and are willing to agree to the following terms and conditions:

    1. You are currently living in a Pobl Supported Accommodation Service and due to move into your own home (provided by Pobl or any other provider) within the next 3 months. 
    2. You are applying for no more than £250 in vouchers and are willing to provide a breakdown of everything you plan to purchase with your voucher/s. 
    3. You commit to purchasing only the items as detailed in your application. You will need to keep receipts for the purchases as we may ask to see them as part of our governance protocols.
    4. You have been unable to source the items, or the funds to purchase them, through any other government, council, charitable or social schemes and are able to evidence this in your application.
    5. You have the support and written statement from your Support Worker (or they have completed the application form for you).
    6. You are happy for us to contact you in future to find out what impact the Pobl Trust Move-On Grant has had.

    If you’re happy with all of the above then please do complete an application form below. 

  • Easy Read Guidelines
  • Application form

    Please complete the application form linked below and return it to pobltrust@poblgroup.co.uk.

    Decisions will be made within 3 weeks from the date of application.

    Move-On-Grant-application-form.docx (2178 downloads)