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Covid-19 Information for Students

We're excited for you to stay with us and we really hope you enjoy your time here on the seafront at Aberystwyth. However, it's also important to remember that Covid-19 is still a threat, and that we can all do our part to help everyone stay safe.

COVID-19 Guidance

  • Social distancing

    The current guidance from Welsh Government is to keep your distance from other people who are not part of your household or extended household. You must stay 2 metres (3 steps) away from others when outdoors and in enclosed spaces outside the home setting (such as in shops).

  • Hygiene

    Good hygiene is one of the key factors in helping to stop the spread of the virus. Please be sure to keep your rooms, ensuite bathrooms and communal areas clean and tidy. You should also wash your hands regularly.

    We have provided hand sanitising stations at the entrances of the building and on each floor. Please make sure that you use these to keep yourself and your neighbours safe.

  • Local lockdowns

    Please make sure that you keep track of the local news to find out if any local lockdowns come into force. If this does happen, you may not be able to leave the property for a period of time. With this in mind, you should familiarise yourself with the local shops and ensure that you are able to do food shopping online, if you need to.

What if I develop Symptoms?

Covid-19 symptoms are summarised as follows:

  • A new continuous cough
  • A high temperature
  • Loss of or change to sense of smell or taste

If you have ANY of the above symptoms, please follow these rules…

  • Do not leave your flat for 14 days
  • Do not have any visitors
  • Clean communal areas with product provided (Electrosan) after each use
  • Do not mix with others
  • Do not share items

Please immediately report any symptoms to Laura Dickerson and arrange a test to be delivered to Clarendon. Advise staff so this can be brought up to your flat.

Click here to arrange a test

How we can help...

If you can’t leave your room, we will do our best to help you.

  • Please arrange supermarket food deliveries between 9am-5pm and contact Laura Dickerson or Chris Tapp to advise them of when your order will be delivered. They will bring your order to your flat lobby.
  • Please leave rubbish / recycling bins in your flat lobby at the end of the week, so this can be picked up (no contact will be made).
  • After your 14 day isolation period has bee completed and you confirm you have no symptoms, please contact Laura or Chris immediately.

Useful links & numbers:

Click here for more info on Covid-19