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Fire Safety

Fire alarm testing is on Friday afternoons and there is no need to evacuate unless the alarm sounds for longer than five minutes.

If the event of a real emergency, then please evacuate the building. The gathering point is on the promenade. 

  • Keep fire doors closed at all times in order to protect the escape route (no door wedges!)
  • When using the kitchen, no deep fat frying and no unattended cooking on the hob
  • No tampering with or covering fire detectors (this is a criminal offence)
  • Use the fire blanket in the kitchen (without taking risks – if in doubt leave – always raise the alarm immediately and call 999)
  • If you see signs of smoke call 999
  • Safe use of electrical equipment (turn off when not in use – do not cover heat producing items such as laptops and chargers)
  • No cooking in rooms
  • No smoking in the building at all
  • No use of candles
  • Portable heaters (we recommend oil filled radiators – not fan heaters or convector heaters)
  • Raising the alarm – please call 999 in the event of an emergency
  • Fire evacuation procedure – when the fire alarm sounds please exit via the front door and congregate on the promenade opposite the building until you have been instructed its safe to enter.
  • Fire drills will be completed once per semester, if you fail to evacuate there will be a re charge – all rooms will be checked.
  • Fire testing – will be completed Friday afternoons – if the alarm doesn’t go off please treat this as a genuine evacuation.