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Pobl Trust Trustee

Meet our Pobl Trust Trustee's

Vic Eynon

Pobl Trust Trustee

Email: pobltrust@poblgroup.co.uk

My role at Pobl

I’m on of the Neighbourhood Housing Managers covering Newport. It’s a very varied role but my favourite element is building trust with customers and delivering on our promises. Also, listening to peoples stories, especially from older people. So many people have rich histories, I’d listen all day if I could!

Why is the Pobl Trust important to me?

I absolutely love being part of Pobl Trust. I’ve seen the difference that the grants we give can make to individuals and communities. I particularly like the focus on sustainable projects and the relationships they create. It’s really humbling to see all the amazing work that goes on in our communities, people are so passionate and generous about making a difference to peoples lives. It’s a real privilege to be a part of that in Pobl Trust.

Something you may not know about me…

I used to have a chicken with one leg who lived in my house. I had her since she was 2 days old, a tiny yellow chick! She slept on a cushion and her favourite food was spaghetti. Someone told the newspapers about it and some wrote articles about it such as The Sun and Daily Mail. I even gave an interview on Radio 5 live! I didn’t see what the fuss was about at the time but looking back it was quite funny!